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Study a Business Management Course at Oxbridge Academy

At Oxbridge Academy we offer a wide-range of excellent courses that will help you become a better professional. Our Business Management Courses cover a wide-range of business-related subjects such as: Labour Relations; Computer Practice; Sales Management; Entrepreneurship; Project Management… and more!

Meet the Oxbridge Academy Family – Mr. Zabo

Oxbridge Academy is more than just a college, it’s a family. With us you will never feel like you are studying on your own because we have an amazing support staff that includes the inspirational Mr. Zabo.

You Might Just Be A Genius If You Can Answer This Question

This little puzzle about islands and pills is meant to make you think a little differently. It is an example of how thinking differently can help you solve problems. Problem solving skills are important in every aspect of life, from helping you manage relationships, to studying, to getting a promotion at work. So this is not only a fun little riddle, but also a way for you to develop your problem solving skills a little more.

8 Tips To Help You Pass Your Course

Oxbridge Academy is all about helping you study better! This is why we want to make sure you have all the help you need to pass your course. Remember: at Oxbridge you will always have a tutor and Student Advisor to help you with your course, so that you never feel like you are studying alone.

How to survive your first day on a new job

Your first day at your new job can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Watch this video to learn what to expect, and how to act and react on your first day working.

Who is Oxbridge Academy?

Oxbridge Academy is only the best distance learning college in all of South Africa! You can find out for yourself by visiting: oxbridgeacademy.co.za

What We Did for #MadibaDay

For Madiba Day this year, some of the Oxbridge Academy staff decided to give up their 67 minutes to help out at the Stellenbosch Animal Welfare Society.

Study an Engineering Course at Oxbridge Academy

Oxbridge Academy offers a range of N1 to N3 engineering courses via distance learning, including Technical Matric. See more here: oxbridgeacademy.co.za/engineering-studies

The Oxbridge Way

The Oxbridge Way is about doing things only like Oxbridge Academy can! We want to make studying via distance learning a unique experience for all, and that is why we talk about doing things the ‘Oxbridge Way’. As our motto goes: ‘effortless excellence in education’!

Study an Events Management course

Study a range of events management courses at Oxbridge Academy via distance learning including: Events Management, Travel Events Management, Sport Events Management, Exhibition Events Management, Entertainment Events Management, Business Events Management.

Get your R400 voucher

Oxbridge Academy is giving away R400 Vouchers to help you get your studies started. Fill in the form and claim your voucher here.

Study Occupational Health and Safety at Oxbridge Academy

Oxbridge Academy offers a wide-range of distance learning Occupational Health and Safety Courses: Take a Short Course, Certificate, Higher Certificate, or comprehensive Diploma Course in OHS OR take a specialised course such as HIRA or SHE Awareness.

Genius Quiz 2

See if you can solve this simple lateral thinking riddle… You might just be a genius if you can! This little puzzle about cowboys and horses is meant to make you think a little differently.

Awesome things are happening at Oxbridge Academy this November!

Check out our new website, new personnel, competitions and more…

Who is Oxbridge Academy?

Oxbridge Academy is the best place in South Africa to get a college education via distance learning! We are friendly, awesome, and have a high standard for quality education and…

You Might Just Be A Genius… If You Can Answer This Question – Oxbridge Academy

Oxbridge Academy is all about thinking differently. We know that this is what makes us a leader in distance learning, and what makes our students stand out in a competitive job-market after they ha…

What is Distance Learning? – Oxbridge Academy

Distance learning means that you can take your college course from anywhere, study from home, and get your certificate, diploma, or qualification in your spare time…